Welcome to the Course ! We look forward to starting together!


It is my pleasure to welcome you personally to this Feng Shui course! I have worked over twenty years in the Art of Feng Shui here in Paris, where I discovered it! It is an art that can be used in a simple manner, or also go deep and look at many intimate details. It all depends on how you would like to treat it. When one wants to just make sure that all is ok, then we can simply look at how the ch'i moves, where it goes, observe how the yin and yang indicate if I have enough or not enough energy in a specific space to determine whether I need to focus more attention here. I can then verify that I have the Five Elements that enable me to create a "living space" rather than a stagnant, dark space with no life in it. The wonderful aspect in this art is that we are simply going back to essentials, by finding the Elements in Nature and bringing them inside our home! Of course, there is an "organized" manner of doing this, and that is what we shall look at, to "follow the rules"... as the wonderful humans before us, were just simple "observers" of Nature and of our dear Mother Earth, enabling them to understand the mysteries that create life. Life equals energy, and we all need energy to thrive. Thriving enables us to reach our potential..strive to be the best that we can! Then our soul allows us to feel that sense of satisfaction, that we are on the right path...and that our life has meaning and purpose. I wish you all a wonderful journey on this path to understanding and ultimately love.


Complete and continue / Terminer et continuer