Why can Feng Shui change your life?

Author, Consultant & Trainer, Vanessa Boren offers you this 3-step training for a solid foundation in Feng Shui.

"You have a unique mission to fulfill in this life. You are able to do things that cannot be accomplished by anyone else. If you honor your own inner light, always in connection with the Divine Source, your path will continually reveal itself. In spite of the shadows and doubts that may be imposed on your path, keep going and you will reach a place of sparkling light and warmth; you will be certain that you are traveling on the right road and that you will surely reach your destination in due time . J.C Adams

Deep inside me, it is the beauty and magic of our land that touches me, and the blossoming of all the beings who live here.

When I was a child, I lived in Mexico. Like all children, I was amazed by the grandeur and beauty of what surrounded me, the jungle with its coconut palms, its multiple varieties of plants, insects of all kinds overflowing with life, crabs, frogs, butterflies... This wild nature enveloped me. Small streams rippled through the lush vegetation. I was in resonance with the animal world, the plant world, the mineral world. I was talking to the animals, trying to get in touch with them, taking care of them. I was just ten years old when I went to meet the poor children who lived in the mountains behind our house. They had few toys. So that they could have fun, I invited them to come and bathe in the swimming pool. I would prepare a snack for them. As a child, I didn't realize the differences in social classes. I was surrounded by generous people, happy to live. For me, there was no problem. The people around me gave me everything that made me happy. It didn't matter whether they were rich or poor. What mattered was the richness of the heart, love and generosity. This is obviously one of the greatest lessons of my life.

I was fascinated by the beauty of nature. I had a vegetable garden. I planted melons and tomatoes. The soil was hard, not very fertile to grow a garden. But I took great pleasure in preparing the soil, hoeing it, arranging my seeds, watching them grow, harvesting the fruit.

I swam every week in the Pacific Ocean. Or in the rivers after the rains that made their flow abundant; the women came to wash their clothes on the banks while the children bathed. With my best friend, Patricia, I rode on a horse, bareback, and we took long rides through the jungle and along deserted beaches. It was the pure land.

Love, beauty and kindness surrounded and nourished me.

A few years later, I moved back to San Diego , then to San Francisco and then New York. Over time, I discovered a world different from the one I had known when I was young. I sensed that people had lost contact with their souls and I felt lost. I couldn't understand this lifestyle so different to the one I had known in Mexico.

However, when I arrived in Paris it was different. I was surrounded by beauty. Paris is a city abounding in history, monuments, avenues, gardens and palaces. Yet after seven fast-paced years, living in various "quartiers", some almost totally covered by concrete, I realized that something was missing: the earth, seeing the earth, living close to the earth. It was then that I realized that human beings need to feed themselves regularly from the elements of nature. Feng Shui allows us to bring these elements into our living spaces to ensure our balance. It invites us to return to the source, to the pure state. It means being in contact with Mother Earth, observing her rhythm, appreciating her, respecting her and giving her love in return.

Caring for others, showing them that nature and its elements can provide us with another way to nourish ourselves, brings me intense satisfaction and joy. To show that nature and its elements provide the keys to reach our full potential. My quest is to always recreate this regenerating environment, wherever my path takes me. In big cities where nature is not very present, this teaching is precious. I have drawn this teaching from the source. Mexico was my master. As I always say: "I was born in California, but my soul is Mexican. "The Mexican soul is very close to the source."

To live, to be joyful, to celebrate, to care for others, to include our elders, to care for the Earth and to honor it: all these principles of life I received from my Mexican upbringing.

Feng Shui taught me to be able to express in words what I felt in my heart. It has given me the opportunity to make sense of what has surrounded me for all these precious years. Today, I strive to follow this path and share this age-old wisdom with all those whose paths I cross.

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